Friday, July 1, 2016

Garden stuff!!

Our garden is growing. I have been worried because have been getting very little rain around here. We gathered our first green beans and squash.

It was yummy the tomato was not from the garden but it had a great taste.  Not a lot has been going on around here lately. We have started getting rain I pray that God continues sending it to us. Our pastures are not in the best conditions. The cows moo at us every time we walk out the door. They are so spoiled. 

We also have been getting a few blueberries off our bushes. I love blueberries. I have been wanting some blackberries also but the wild ones are so bitter this year. Also the sun is drying them up. 

Not much to this blog entry but I hope that you enjoyed it. 


  1. Vicki, those green beans and squash are so pretty!! We just came in from walking Eli and I was shocked to see green beans hanging on the vines. Isn't it funny how they seem to come on the vines overnight? Sorry I've missed your last few posts. I can't keep up anymore...with anything! Oh, and my back is bothering me again. Actually it is my hip. Probably osteoporosis. I go for another bone density scan Tuesday. Hope you and Frank and the boys are doing good. I love you!

  2. Vicki, that looks great. I love that you are a farmer.
    Love you!


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