Sunday, April 17, 2016

Catch up around the farm...

Not much has been happening on the farm. We have been fishing and staying outside on warm days. We saw a turkey hen in our pasture the other day! So happy turkeys are getting closer to home.

Hen turkey in sth pasture

My azalea that I got from my moms house

Jimmy and his little bulls

are spring peas

My snowball bush is covered in blooms

Farmer, Seth and Me fishing

Seth catching fish

My big baby boy

Tomorrow starts the  6 week summer slim up challenge. I have joined a group on Facebook that has the sweetest most motivating girl leading it. She has help me get a change in my mind set. I don't know if I have talked much about wanting to do the 21 day fix diet plan. I have been arguing with myself on whether to buy it or not. I know how to lose weight and I have everything to do the plan except the DVD exercises that go with it. I know what type exercise they are requesting to do and even set up a schedule of my on with my 30 day shred, upper and lower body video from weight watcher and had my sweet cousin Lynn from blog Sidetrack to send me her pilates workout she does on youtube. You would think 21 days is nothing but I only lasted 5 days LOL. My commitment bone is missing. I am hopping that this will be the challenge I need.

I will keep you updated on it.