Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bad Habits?

When I think of bad habits I think about bitting my nails, cussing, and other little annoying things. I recently read a blog  "Getting rid of bad habits" here is the link

I enjoyed the read and it made me think about the questions that she asked.

1. What happened in my past that led me to adopt this bad habit?

  Well If I go with cussing. Both of my parents cussed and lots of my uncles cussed and then I work in a mill "textiles" and lots of people cussed there. I have gotten a lot better with cussing by changing my environment and getting right with God, but when I get mad the bad words still fly. I don't like this and feel really bad after it happens but I am doing better.

My next bad habit is overeating.  I also read a book about food addictions and how this can come from family addictions. I have lots of alcoholics in my family including my father. I never understood why my dad just could not quit drinking until I read this book and then it all made sense  to me.

I have no excuse for biting my nails. I just don't like when I have any kind of tear on rough spot on my fingers nails which led to me to bite it off or tear it.

So I guess she is right that bad habits can come from your past.

Changing the subject I have been taking some selfies lately with my phone. I am not a selfie kind of person and I really don't like the way I look in most of the selfies that I take. I try not to judge the way I look. In reality I think I am a nice looking person. I could stand to lose weight but over all I don't hate myself. My main thing is I want to be healthy! I have been trying to do the 21 day fix. This is a diet for only 21 days to eat right and exercise. I did really good for 5 days and was feeling good about myself and then I let the super bowl snacks take me down and I have yet to recover. The struggle is so real! I let stuff worry me and take control of my mind and my mouth. Oh well I will never give up.