Friday, January 29, 2016


I finally got some winter weather but it was not very much snow which made me a little sad. I really wanted to see some big snowflakes falling. I did pray that we did not get any freezing rain. I did not want the farmer to have to worry about the power going out with us having big chickens. I am so ready for these chickens to leave. 

I have been feeling a little better mentally this week. I have been trying to give my worries to God and pray for everything. I have made myself walk on the treadmill for the last two weeks not every day but I did walk. 

Clay walking in sleet and a little snow

Seth walking in the sleet and little snow


Clay sledding

Seth working with his sticks

The roads going to Seagrove

Some people came out to the store on 4-wheelers

Just thought it was funny!

Our cows in the snow

a beautiful sunset!
Thanks for stopping by. Hoping to have a good weekend and next week. 


  1. Your pictures are beautiful. Good for you for what you are doing. All the best.

  2. Looks like Clay and Seth enjoyed the show and ice. They have a nice place to sled and play. The pictures are really good! I like that cow hiding behind the tree too. Glad you're feeling better Vicki. I love you!


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