Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday ..... Catch up!

I am ready to get over this cold and get my New Year goals started. I am not completely well yet still coughing my head off but it is slowing ( praying it is ). Most of my coughing is coming during the time I eat or  if I talk to much. My throat is still kind of raw but I think it is because of coughing. Oh well that is enough about my cold.

I got sick the day after new year. I cooked a spiral ham, black eye peas, and collards. My in laws came and ate with us bringing corn casserole, cornbread and sweet potato pie. Yummy!


Cutting them up

Thought it was funny I bought a Smithfield Spiral ham? The smithfield was on the red foil and Publix was on the ham

Yummy food!

So I am not so sure how good of luck I had since I got sick the next day.  I am feeling much better and know I need to get on track. I had all intentions to getting back on track Monday. I walked a mile on my treadmill and kept track of my food eating over my calories. I keep saying no more excuses I made this my goal for the new year but so far that is all I have done. This is suppose to be a new start to get back on track mentally, spiritually and getting healthy. 

Today I sabotaged my on self by making a chocolate pie. Then the Farmer went to get me some cough drops and brought back Moose track Ice cream. Yes I ate some!! 

Tomorrow is another day. I will get this right one day.

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  1. Those greens look good!! But chocolate pie sounds better!!
    Love you sweet cousin!


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