Wednesday, January 6, 2016


What is it Wednesday January 6 2016 and I am already bored. I still have some cold in my head meaning snot and coughing. It is cold outside. Plus Clay still has some cold in his head. The Christmas stuff has been put up. The house is straighten, I know I could do some deep cleaning but then it would require throwing a lot of stuff away and the dump is 12 miles away. LOL But then when you throw something away a week or so after you throw it away you find a way it could have been used oh well.

I could take a nap I am so sleepy from coughing all night but overtime I get my eyes closed someone needs me. I want to get back to exercising. I want to go and get me the Leslie Sanson walking video. I need to stop wanting stuff all the time. I go through spells I don't want on need anything then I get on these kicks.

I have a new list of stuff I want but I do not need. You know what I mean the things that you have seen on tv, fb or a friend got one. I try hard to convince myself that I don't need it and it get it off my mind.

Like I want a new iPhone 6 plus
I want a new fitbit (I don't need this at all the one I got works perfectly but I want a new one)    
I want to join weight watchers ( I can join weight watchers but it is no fun unless you have a group that is doing it with you.) No one is doing weight watchers much anymore around here. They even stopped the meeting in Carthage where I really liked to go.
I want a dog

Well I better get off here. I just wrote about nothing LOL but sometimes you just want to write it down.


  1. I love the walk away the pounds videos.

  2. Don't you just hate to get that bored with everything feeling! Tomorrow is a new day. Hope you feel better. I love you Vicki. :)

  3. Sorry you've felt badly! Like Mama said, tomorrow will be a new day! Love you!! Lynn


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