Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Songs....

I love Christmas song. I have the best Christmas memories of my mom singing Christmas songs to me in the car when I was little. She had a beautiful voice. She would sing Jingle Bells, Santa Claus Coming to Town, and many more childhood songs. She also sang Silver Bells and I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus. These two were my favorites. I love when the 99.5 Magic radio station starts playing Christmas music all day from Thanksgiving until New Year.

My sons always liked me singing to them until they got iPods that do it for them. My youngest son loves Christmas and love to listen to and sing christmas songs. His favorites are Holly Jolly Christmas and Up on the Housetop. He is so ready for presents.

I am really trying hard to get more into the Christmas spirit but it is so hard especially now that grandma Myrtie passed away yesterday. Our family keeps dwindling away. Now the Farmer has no more grandparents alive and mine have been dead for years. All we have are his parents,  his sister and her family, he has 6 aunt and uncles alive and I have a sister and her family, a brother and his family, and 3 aunts. All of them live at least on hour or more away in my side. His side most live close by and 2 live far away.

Getting older is hard and once your parents or grandparents pass then families start falling apart. They don't get together no more and to me that is so sad.

On a happier note we have finished our Christmas shopping and I have most of the presents wrapped. Now waiting for Santa to come.

Thanks for stopping by and share your favorite Christmas song with me.


  1. Oh Vicki, I can't believe you posted this five days ago and I am just now seeing it. I'm so sorry for not seeing your post and even sorrier to hear that Frankie's grandma died.That is so sad right here at Christmas. She went down hill so fast too. I love you Vicki. Please tell Frankie I am thinking about him. Love you!

  2. Hey sweet Vicki! I am never ready for Christmas! I am sorry about your recent loss.


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