Sunday, November 22, 2015

Day 4 and 5

Tonight I went out with my Mommy's Group to eat. We went to a restaurant called Haley Bails in Siler City NC. 10 of the moms are young moms with little kids and 5 of us are older moms with grown kids. I got to drive the older moms and we had a great time. I am the only woman who ordered steak though all the others ordered some type of chicken. I eat chicken all of the time. I had a rib eye medium and it was perfect.

I have never been to Haley Bails. It looks like a barn on the inside and it has a store in it kind of like Cracker Barrel. I bought myself two Christmas ornaments they are so cute a snowman and a santa clause. I am ready to put my Christmas trees up. 

I am ready to go on our Anniversary date. I hope that Judy and Larry stay well so they will be able to stay with Seth and Clay so we can go. I think we are going back to Haley Bails I want the Farmer to try it out. We are going to do the boys Christmas shopping to. This is a tradition that we have been doing for years.

Well I am still working on getting healthy. Reading my motivation books and preparing myself to healthy by 50.

Mindset Shift #2 See yourself Changed.

This kind of challenge is hard for me in a way. I am not good at imagining being healthy and slim. I like the idea that she tells us to ask God in prayer to show us a vision of your life as a happy, healthy and whole person.

Mindset Shift #3 Expose Dark Thought to the light

Dark thoughts are the thoughts of self-criticism, self-rejection, and reminders of past hurts and separation, or abandonment. She suggest writing a letter to God exposing all of your dark thoughts then burn it or destroy it however you feel fit.

Mindset Shift #4 Redefine "Failure"

This is definitely me. When I don't meet my expectations I always feel like a failure or a quitter.
She tells us that Failure is an event not a person. She gives us the task to Ask why did you not have success? Lack of Planning, lack of knowledge, or are you keeping up same old habits and not trying to make change. Write it down when you fail and pray for Gods wisdom to fill the lack in your approach.

My eating has not been the healthiest this weekend but I am aware of all of this. I am working on my mindset and making better choices.

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