Monday, September 7, 2015

Seth's Birthday!!!

Well I could describe step by step how it all went down but I will leave out the gory stuff.  September 6, 1992 I was hugely pregnant with a baby boy! I was not due until the 9th so I did not think a lot about it when we got up that morning. The plan for the day was to go to the hospital and visit my mom then go back to granny Mabe's house and visit with her. Well this day I just did not feel like I could climb the long hill up to the hospital at Pinehurst. So this visit I got the man in the golf cart to take me up. We had a great visit with mom but I just did not feel right. When it was time for us to leave mom said " you might as well stay you will be back down here before long." I told her no it is not time. So we left the hospital and headed to granny Mabes. We had not been there long and granny invited us to eat supper with her. She was having chicken and dumplings. Great Grandpa Banner came in to visit and while he was there my water broke. Sure enough we were headed back to the hospital. Granny Mabe went with us. The Farmer and granny stayed with me the whole time! Well they kept trying to run granny out of the room but she would sneak right back in. At 12:35 on September the 7th my sweet baby boy was born. Happy 23 birthday sweet handsome boy!

This is Seth's 1st birthday!

Seth's 23 birthday!

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  1. I love that story, and I love that picture of Seth's first birthday. What a mess, but wasn't he cute. Don't you wish we could have them back as babies one more time. It goes by too fast. Happy Birthday Seth! What a big handsome man he grew to be. And he is still just as sweet. I love you all Vicki!


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