Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Deer, Hawk, Moon and weight loss

We have been seeing a lot of deer even in this hot weather. I have been trying to get some pictures of them but I either don't have my camera or I am so excited I can not get a clear picture.
deer made with phone

another deer made with phone

a group of bucks made with my camera but I was to excited and trying to hurry so it is blurry

Look at his horns!!

A hawk landed in the tree right in from of us but he would not move his head out from behind the leaves

More deer made phone.

I also got some really good pictures of the full moon the other night. 

I have been dieting and walking like crazy again I really wish sometimes I was not so competitive. I have walked a blister on my toe today. I managed to get a little over 6 miles in today. I also got 21,852 steps in today. I am wore out. I have lost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks. I am so pleased that the scales have finally moved. I just hope that I will keep it up!! 

Well thanks for stopping by. 
God bless

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  1. That's good Vicki! Hang in there. Gosh that's a lot of walking and steps. Seeing the number on the scales go down is the BEST feeling. I'll have to show Dan the deer pictures. I can't believe the rack on that one deer! Love you!


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