Thursday, July 23, 2015

What a Day!!!!

Well I have had one heck of a day!! I had 4 canners of green beans. Everything was going smooth this morning. I had the canner heating up, just put Seth some lunch of chicken and fish sticks in the oven to cook and the dishwasher is going when all of a sudden I hear water gushing under the kitchen sink. I open the cabinet door to see what was going on but could not figure out where it was coming from. I stopped the dishwasher, found my phone to call the farmer for help but his phone was dead. So I grabbed his truck keys to go to the chicken houses to get the Farmer. I yelled through the chicken house and told him to hurry water is running everywhere. He got the water turned off and it took every towel in the house to mop up all of the water. I had to take everything out of the cabinets, the pantry closet, pull the refrigerator out and the stover to mop up all of the water. In the mean time I forgot Seth's food in the oven and burned it black, and the canner I had no idea how long it had been cooking. Oh well it took me all day to get everything done and I am so exhausted. I have joints and muscles aching that have not ached in a long time.

On the bright side my kitchen is probably cleaner than it has been in a long time. I have 32 quarts of green beans canned and the day is just about over.

Sunset yesterday over Star NC the center of North Carolina!! 


  1. That's not a fun time but things can happen at the worst of times. You did look on the bright side. Your comments are working again. For a long while they were dead and so was your email.

    1. I don't know about the comments I do know about the email I do not have it anymore but I don't know how to change it. Thanks for the comments.


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