Saturday, June 6, 2015

Not Much....

I don't have much to talk about but Sunday will be a great day and I will blog about it. It will be the Farmers grandma's birthday. She will be 94 years old. The family is giving her a party and I am so excited about it. I just love her just like she is my grandma to.

We have been getting some rain and I am so relieved. It was getting so dry around here. I have been worried about the pastures and it is not even summer yet. With the rain we have been having rainbows.
This picture was taken May 30 
The double rainbow is beautiful and it was so bright!

This was taken June 1

These two were taken June 2
I told the Farmer that I hope this means that this flock of chickens will be our pot of gold. I don't mean to make us rich but to be a good flock!!

Well have a great weekend thanks for stopping by.


  1. Those rainbows are beautiful. Have fun at the party.

    1. Thanks I can not wait to celebrate her birthday!


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