Monday, June 8, 2015

94 years and still going....

The farmer's grandma turned 94 years young yesterday and we got to celebrate with her and her family. I have know grandma know for 27 years and I just love this woman!! She is a very sweet and generous woman that has worked hard.

This is not the best picture of her but I like it.

Grandma her great -great grandson, and great grandaughter

Grandma and her children
Seth and Grandam
Aunt Barbara grandmas sister and grandma
There was a lot of delicious food.
People getting food

Check out the red velvet tomato cakes. Don't they look like the real tomatoes. They were delicious and I had some extras to take home.

I think everyone had a wonderful time. My family had to leave early because Clay had stayed as long as he could stay. He did good staying from 1 to 3 but he sat on the porch with his daddy. Oh well We were proud of him. 

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  1. Grandma does not look 94 years old. She looks great! Did you make those red velvet tomato cakes? I've never seen anything like them. They turned out so pretty. I love you Vicki.

    1. No I had them made and they were yummy!!


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