Friday, May 8, 2015

Mother's Day

Today has been a beautiful day. Mother's Day is coming up Sunday. I love being a mom but I miss my mom like crazy! It is not fair that I don't get to share this with her and any other moment in my life. It is also memorial day at the cemetery that she is buried at. They are calling for rain so I hope that I can get the flowers on the graves and get pictures before the rain comes in. I am sharing the post from USA Today. I hope that you enjoy.

This is in Jenna Rose, Special for USA TODAY1:17 p.m. EDT May 8, 2015
May 10th, 2015
Today sucks, I know. It's going to be hard. But so is every day since you lost your mother.
There is absolutely no love in this world like the love of a mother. There is a void that cannot and will not ever be filled, no matter what anybody tells you. You don't miss her today any more than you will tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that. Today, Mother's day, is just another painful reminder that she is no longer physically here. As you watch friends celebrate with their moms, please remember that yours is tucked away deep down in your heart where she will forever stay.
As the wind blows through your hair, know that it is her gentle and loving touch. As the warmth of the sun shines on your face please remember the warmth in your mother's heart through all of the days she had on this earth. She didn't want to ever leave you and she still hasn't left you. Your mother was greater than this world. I know sometimes life just doesn't seem fair and it never will but please, please don't cry today, for your mother would want nothing more than to see you smile.
I feel the pain within your heart as another day passes by without her. She doesn't want you to be sad. She wants you to honor her life in the best way possible, and that way is to live it. Live it for you. Live it for her. I know it is sometimes easier said than done and sometimes words just don't help and I know this because I lost my beautiful 48-year-old mother almost two years ago when I was 24.
I have come to find that the best way to heal is to remember. Remember her. Remember the sorrow, remember the love, remember everything. Talk to her, she's always listening. And simply cherish the time you did have with her and the memories you have made.
I want you to know that on this day, you are not alone. You are never alone. All of our mother's are watching over us from heaven this Mother's Day… and every day, for the rest of our lives.
Happy Mother's Day to all of the motherless children out there. Today is your day too. Celebrate her, start a new tradition, live life to the fullest, and most importantly remember that even through the darkest of days, life still goes on.
-Jenna Rose Lowthert
Jenna Rose is a 25-year-old self-published author and blogger. She is an inspiration expert and shares her insights on grief and daily life. Jenna lost her 48-year-old mother in 2013 to lung cancer. Jenna's book, "Life Goes On.. ?" can be purchased on Amazon.

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  1. Oh Vicki, I couldn't read that about Mothers without crying. I'm sorry that you lost your Mother at such a young age. It is so sad to not have your Mother to share EVERYTHING with. Mama lived to be 90 years old, but I miss her every singe day. There is so much I want to ask her and tell her. I miss holding her soft little hands, as she got older. Okay, Vicki, have a Happy Mother's Day. I love you very much! You are such a good mama to your sons!


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