Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Stuff around the farm....

Had a great day for picture taking. We went over to the pond and there was a wild turkey.

The mama goose and her four babies and daddy were in the pond.

The farmer turned over the garden today. He turned the crimson clover in. The dirt is so rich and red. I am so ready to get it planted and have some fresh vegetables. We planted 8 rutgers tomatoes in our raised beds here close to the house. I thought I had taken pictures of the raised bed but I did not, maybe next time.  I have a roma tomato coming up in my herb bed. I also have 2 strawberry plants they are blooming and have tiny green strawberries on them. 
Farmer turning the clover in

Rich red dirt
one of my strawberry plants
I am not doing to well with my diet. I just can not find my will power. Oh well maybe it will soon arrive. 

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