Sunday, May 31, 2015

Instagram..... and around the farm

I hate not understanding how to do something. I have recently started on Instagram  account and I have been trying  to figure out how to do stuff on it. It looks simple enough but it took me a while and a little help from a young person and I got it done.

Today was the last day to enter my photo contest. I am really hoping that I make it in calendar this time. I would love to win the $300 for the first place but I don't have my hopes up. Here are the pictures that I ended up sending.

Where did those goslings go?

Just waiting for the bird feeder

Waiting on the farmer
I don't know if I have a winner but I hope I do make a page in the calendar.

I am also doing another contest for "Farmer Strong". My oldest son wanted me to take a picture of him holding the sign with his cowboy boots on. I thought they turned out really good.

Is he not handsome!

My youngest son wanted his picture taken to.

He is so cute!
We having been see several black snakes in the yard also. One day we were going to get the mule out of the building and there was a snake going up under the siding of our house.

The farmer trying to pull it out of the house.

I thought it was two snakes but it was just one.

See how he was curled around himself.

I got some new picture of the baby goslings today. They are getting big. They are almost as big as their parents. It won't be long until they fly away. 

Well I guess I will close here. Thanks for stoping by!

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  1. Vicki, your pictures are so good. I honestly think that first one of the two geese should win. It is so unusual. But in my opinion, either one could be a winner. Your farm is just beautiful. Those snakes!!! We are seeing lots of black snakes too. We walked up on two one day and saw another one the next the yard. Love you Vicki!


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