Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I love old stuff. I miss things from when I was little. I loved going in hardwares stores. Especially the little local owned ones. We still have an hardware store in Seagrove that has old things in it. Old men still sit around and talk.

I remember when we lived in Pineville NC when I was in the 2nd grade so I was 8 years old. I went with my mom to the small town hardware that was similar to this one. Back then Pineville was a tiny little town. Well anyway we went in there to pick up my daddy some 10 penny nails to build rabbit boxes with. We went in an my mom and the worker in the store asked my mom if he could help her. She told him she needed some 10 penny nails to build me a rabbit hutch to keep and rabbit in. Me being the kid I was argued with her because I knew daddy was going to build rabbit boxes to catch rabbits in to eat. I loved eating fried rabbit with gravy and biscuits. Yummy!!  She and I argued a few seconds with her giving me the evil eye. When we got in the car I was in trouble. She got on to me for arguing with her. Well I came right back at her telling her she was lying to the man why daddy needed the nails for. That is when she explained to me that there was a game warden in the hardware store also and that daddy needed a hunting license to trap rabbits. Oh well I did not know. We went home and made some rabbit boxes and we caught a lot of rabbits that winter. I loved doing things with my dad!

I could make a whole blog on stories about my dad and I. I really should write the memories down or blog them so I never forget. A lot of the stories are great memories while others were so sad but I never want to forget any of them because it was my life! I miss you daddy. Wish you were still here making memories with me and my boys. 

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  1. Vicki, that is so funny! I can just see you arguing with your mom. You never were one to hold back but said exactly what was on your mind...just like your Daddy! He never saw a stranger. I bet Shirley felt like whipping you! You do need to post these stories. I love you!


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