Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I am 48.....

I turned 48 years old yesterday. I want to know how did I get so old so fast? I know it is not that old but I still wonder where time goes. I promise that after age 40 the years click off faster than ever. I  had a pretty good day. I made myself a sour cream coconut cake but I think the cake mix was old because the cake did not rise like it should and I was not impressed with it. I received a lot of birthday wishes and kind words on Facebook and I loved everyone of them. I even got a few phone calls. The teacher and one of my students called me, my sister called me and we talked like we use to. It was the best gift ever to get to visit with her and my brother. I also got a call from my Aunt Betty which was a nice surprise. My best friend that I have not talked to in a while called me and talked to me also. This made my day complete for calls and birthday wishes. By the way she talked she is finally happy and maybe getting her life together after two bad relationships. I really hope that it is true. I miss my friend. We grew apart when I went to work and we are just know reconnecting.

I had a good day with my family. The farmer has been so busy that I did not see him much but we took a family ride and got us some Hardee's. I love their thick burgers and it was delicious. I have been eating like there is no tomorrow. I have got to stop. I purchased the Super Shred Book by Dr. Ian and I am going to start the diet Monday. We get chickens tomorrow and Friday so that means in 9 1/2 weeks until vacation and I want to be slimmer before we go. I really feel like I can make this commitment the diet is only for 4 weeks so I am looking forward to getting my mind back on track. I really am needing to try something new.

I ordered me some new walking shoes. They are suppose to come tomorrow so am I looking forward also to get back to walking. I need to exercise 40 minutes a day with this new program and I was in some desperate need for some better shoes. I am hoping that these will wear as good as the first pair I bought when I had plantar fasciitis before and they were wonderful! I also started my photography class today. I am looking forward to this new adventure in my life. I want to learn to take better photos before we go on vacation also.

I am entering a new photo contest and I am hoping to win or at least get a calendar page this year. So far I am not to pleased with my photos.

Here are a few I am considering what do you all think?
I love this picture of Jimmy!

I took this the other day near Norwood.

a new white calf not long after it was born.

Well thank you for stopping by. 


  1. Happy birthday. Sounds like you had a pretty good day. Good luck with your diet. I really like the 2nd picture.

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Thanks for the picture advice.

  2. A late Happy Birthday Vicki. I was going to be sure and remember you this year. Look, Dan and I forgot Madison's birthday on April 10th. I feel awful. She is such a sweet sweet granddaughter. I can't remember anything anymore! I would love to have a big sour cream coconut cake. That is my favorite!! I've been eating too like there is no tomorrow! Maybe I should make myself a coconut cake and eat it before I try to eat right again. Good luck Vicki. I love you and again, Happy Birthday!

  3. Oh, any of these pictures could win but I love the one of Jimmy and that little white calf is so cute!

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I can not remember anything either. I did not know that Madison was born close to my birthday. I would go for the coconut cake and I hope that it turns out better than mine. Love you!!

  4. Happy Belated birthday!! I turn 48 in 18 days. I just doesn't seem real. I love the pictures of your cows. Those are so cute!
    I'm glad I came across your blog.


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