Thursday, April 30, 2015

About nothing...

I have been trying to come up with a blog entry for a few days. I have started a few and then deleted them. There has not been a lot going on around here. We have been fishing over at the pond about everyday. We have really been catching and releasing a lot of crappies but the cows are in the pond and I just can not eat a fish that is living in a cow pond.  I have been taking some good pictures of birds. I have a passion for taking pictures of wildlife.

Here is the daddy goose he has a sore foot.

Here is the mama goose and her goslings. 

a Green Heron at the pond

Very rare for Seagrove  a Spotted Sandpiper

Farmer caught a snapping turtle in the leg 

a water snake hanging out.

I got a picture of the first indigo bunting. I hope I to get a better one soon.

 I wish I was brave enough to get up early and go over to the pond and sit in the deer stand to see if I can catch some pictures of some wildlife. I don't know why I am scared to do that alone. I need to get brave. My photography class is going well. I am learning to use my camera better but I am just running out of things to take pictures of. You can only take so many pictures of birds, cows, and flowers. I Love my cows and taking pictures of them. I stopped by my cousins house yesterday to see if he minded if I stop by one day and take some pictures of his roosters. I hope to do this one day next week.

I am hoping that the rain will slow down. We have not even plowed our garden up yet. I hope that we have a good garden this year. We still have ground hogs living around here and they ate all of our cucumbers last year. I still want to get a picture of one of them but we ever we see him I don't have my camera with me. We are planning on planting the same kind of beans again. Those beans were so yummy and no strings.  We have eaten all of our canned tomatoes, and most of all the green beans. We have ate all of the salsa and I am just about out of sweet pickles. I am thinking about making a different kind of sweet pickles this year. My mom use to can icicle pickles and I am thinking about canning that kind this year if we have cucumbers. The garden has crimson clover in it right now and I have been taking pictures of them. I wish I had a cute little kid to sit out in the middle of it or a pet.

Isn't beautiful!
Our decoy owl. 

My in-laws cows are having calves and I have been taking some pictures of them and the donkeys. The Carolina buttercups are so beautiful in the pasture also.

Neighbors barn. I love taking pictures of this because my grandma told me when she was little she use to play here with the lady that grew up here. When they were little girls

Neighbors donkey in the stable

Jenny and Valentine

our fence and stable

me and Clay

a little black kitty has been visiting I wish it was young and I could tame it.

In-laws calves

in-laws calf

Jenny and Valentine in the barn

Oh yeah my diet is not going very well but I am still reading my bible daily, and going to my women bible study group. I am reading a new book "Made to Crave" Satisfying Your Deepest Desire With God, Not Food by Lysa Terkeurst. I am hoping that this will be what I am seeking.

I have been really enjoying the beautiful weather, fishing and taking pictures.  Thanks for stoping by...


  1. Beautiful pictures. Good luck with your garden and diet. Kudos for reading the bible.

  2. Vicki, the pictures are beautiful! I would be afraid to go sit in the deer stand alone too. That picture of the water snake gave me chills. Oh, that crimson clover is beautiful. You could make a beautiful calendar using just those pictures. Did I say "beautiful" enough? Love you! :)


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