Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A little of this and that...

Today started off a little cool and cloudy. We were going to head to the zoo but we change it to a more sunny day. As the day went on the sun came out a little bit and warmed up.

I have had my sister on my mind and in my prayers today. She had her surgery and everything went great. I have not gotten to talk to her yet hopefully tomorrow. I wish I could have went down and been with her but she said she did need me to.

The time change I love having more daylight but it takes me a while to get adjusted to the sleep. I am not sure why but I stay so sleeping for about a month before I get straighten out.  I am still trying to get my food tracking  and calorie intake back on track. I have lost a little but I am not really doing as good as I want. The warm weather is helping.  I love getting outside to walk for exercise. Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. Our old timey peach trees are blooming. They have little peaches on them that don't have much of a taste. Farmer's grandma said they used to pickle them when she was younger. I want to take a ride out to Candor and take some pictures of the peach trees in bloom.

The Farmer texted me a picture of one the the chickens in the chicken house today that has a funny hair do.

We sell chickens on Sunday night. I think the Farmer is going to clean the chicken houses out some. 

Mamaw and pawpaw have a new calf that has a white upside-down heart on its face. I got to take a picture of it yesterday.

I wish I would have had my camera earlier today we saw the ground hog sitting beside of the road. I have a goal to try to get its picture this summer. There is also a skunk living in the neighbor hood that I would love to get a picture of but I don't want to get sprayed.  Oh well I guess I better get off here all I am doing is rambling. 

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  1. Shelby told me yesterday that Cindy's surgery went well. Sure glad of that. Your pictures are good. Peach trees are so beautiful! I love the funny chicken's hairdo. Wish I could keep her for a pet. Oh and the little calf with the white heart on it's face. Your farm is so pretty! Love you!


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