Saturday, March 21, 2015

On the farm ....B

Today has been a really good day. I am on day 150 on doing my bible time. I enjoy my time I spend with God every morning. Some mornings can get a little crazy getting up and down helping the boys and it takes me longer to get it done, but in the end I get it done. After my time I got Clay ready and we went outside. On these warm days I love being outside getting my exercise in. Clay loves to sit and swing while I walk. Today after I took my walk the farmer worked on the pasture so we could move the cows.
Farmer working on the pasture

The cows crossing from one pasture to the other

The cows crossing from one pasture to the other

The calves decided to run wild. I had to get on the mule and help herd them up.

Bugsy, mama and other mama in the barn

Jimmy loving the grass

a calf

Jimmy still eating.

I am loving how green everything is getting. I took a few more pictures today. I captured this bird sitting in a maple tree in the yard. I also got these two pictures of an army airplane I wish I would have been out from under the trees but I think it is still cool. 

A snapping turtle and sliders sunning in the small pond.
Love spring! I love when seasons change. 
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  1. Good for you on spending time with the bible everyday. We all should do that. You live in a beautiful place.

    1. Thanks Karen, I love living on the farm. I wish we had more animals but there is still time.

  2. I cant wait till our grass gets that green

  3. Your farm is so pretty. I love the picture of the bird and the buds coming out on the tree. That blue sky is beautiful. Love you Vicki.


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