Friday, March 27, 2015

Is it spring yet????

I know officially the first day of spring was March 20th and since that day we have had some warm beautiful days. We have also had a right smart of rain which I would be okay with if it would stop raining long enough in between the rainy days and the sunny days for the mud to dry up I would be really happy. Yesterday we had a great day doing little things on the farm. We took and walk and enjoyed the outdoors before the cold rainy weather came in today. I am hoping that the 25 degree tomorrow night does night hurt the peaches, strawberries and blueberry crops. I am so ready to pick some strawberries. I looked up the dates at my favorite farm to pick at and they are suppose to start picking around April 15th.

We took a mule ride yesterday and rode over the pop's pasture. I got a picture of these slider turtles sunning on this log.

10 slider turtles sitting on a long in the sun. 

The honey bees are busy on the peach trees.

Our pear tree is blooming

This is spring to me when the Bluets are blooming. 

I always love getting a picture of our bull Jimmy

Yellow bells are blooming.

Had to capture a picture of my baby boy being cool and swinging. 

My Bleeding heart plant is getting ready to bloom.

like this cool cocoon I found on our plum tree

Plum bloom

My shirt button bush is so pretty this year.
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