Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Out of Control....Time to get Healthy...

My blog is going to become a diet support blog for 3 months. I have joined a challenge with Modestly Slim. I am hoping that this will be the boost I need to lose some weight before summer. I am so discouraged I weighed this morning and this is the results.

I know why the scales have moved up. I have been eating like I have no problems with overeating food.  I have not figured out what causes me to overeat. I know some of it is emotional. I know some is hormones and I know that sometimes I just don't care. Tonight I have over eaten until I feel sick. I have been out of control for months. I really say every night that I will do better tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes and I over eat again. I can not get my mind straight. I have prayed about it and I will do pretty good only eating over a few calories and I will walk and maybe be down a pound the next day or two then I will over eat again.

I think I really know in my heart what I need to do to get myself under control. Basically I need to stop cold turkey!! I need to get my priorities straight and decided what I want to do. Do I want to lose weight? Here is my challenge:

t's time to spice things up around here. I am running a three month get healthier challenge. Why three months? Because it's long enough to accomplish some goals but not too long to lose interest. This is 100% customize able to your own lifestyle and choices. Long term weight loss success is achieved by finding a lifestyle you are willing to live with. There will be prizes for the top three people with the most points. You can earn points every day during the challenge and here is how:
1. Exercise: 1 point per day . No requirement on how long or what to do. Find what you like and do what you can do. You get the point regardless of how long or how intense your exercise is. Someone who has less weight to lose will probably workout harder and longer than someone with more weight to lose
2. Stay within your calorie/point range for the day : I'm sure we all have our own favorite tracking methods
3. 1 point per every pound lost: please report all losses as even .2 pound losses will eventually add up. This is low on purpose because I want to reward behavior and not encourage rapid unsustainable weight loss
4. Post something motivational or inspirational on the Facebook group: 2 points (can earn this once a day)
5. Healthy recipe post on Facebook group : 2 points ( can earn once a day)
6. Set a non weight goal you want to achieve by the end of the challenge: 10 points for accomplishing your goal
7. Change one bad habit: 10 points 
I will announce the prizes half way through the challenge. The ultimate reward is a happier and healthier you. So in the end everyone will be a winner. If you are serious about getting healthy or losing weight then now is the time. This is your chance to get going! I've never been the most patient person so we will get started tomorrow!!! (Tuesday the 17th) comment below if you want to join the challenge!!!!!

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