Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I have many things on my mind tonight. I am feeling good about my bible study and I have recently found a podcast of a church in Ga. about the study of "Happiness". I found this from a persons blog I follow.  The podcast is wonderful so far and I am looking forward to listening to the whole series and I am already dreading its ending. I am also doing the 21 day challenge that she challenged us to do for the rest of the month to write down 3 gratitudes, your thought for the day and 2 random acts of kindness. I am doing this challenge also and am enjoying it. I feel like I am slowly finding my happiness. I know I have written  a blog in the past on being happy and can a person truly be happy? I use to think I was happy when I was young. Then I thought I was happy in high school. But when I think back on it was I really happy? NO!! I had happy times all through my life and I have had hardships, depressions, lost, and feelings of pity and why me. I truly think that most people including me have thought I would be happy if.... I was skinny.  If I had more money.  If I had a big house. If my parents were alive. If my children did not have fragile x. But the reality is that none of these things will not make me happy. I love what the preacher said on the podcast "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart". I am going to find my Happy!!!

I have some things to share from the farm. It is so muddy on the farm, but it is slowly drying up. The chickens are growing and they are already 2 weeks old. We are still waiting on Bugsy to have her cave she is a little slower this year. Jimmy is still being Jimmy we are thinking about selling him this year but we have not decided for sure.

Sunday we went for a walk at Troy Lake. It was a beautiful day!

We help the farmers parents load one of their older cows up to take to the sale. It was the farmer's mom's cow. Her name is Dandelion and she is such a sweet cow. She will be missed.

We took Jenny and Valentine an apple for a snack then they went to the pond for a drink of water. 

One day this week I was sitting at the dinning room table reading my bible and I saw a hawk swoop down trying to catch a bird at the feeder. It missed it and landed on the fence post right across the driveway. I took a picture of it out of the window and it is not real clear but I just love hawks. 

We filed our taxes on Monday and went on down to Southern Pines to Best Buy and ordered my camera. It should be here by the 18th and I can not wait. I have decided to go ahead and sign up for a photography class as soon as I get it. I am so excited. 

Well thanks for stopping by. 

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