Friday, February 6, 2015

On the farm

Cold and rainy around here. When the suns comes out it is windy and cold. They are calling for warmer weather this weekend and I hope that it is true. I would love to get some walking in outside. The farmers parents are still sick but they are improving. I hope that they will be well soon. The coughing is what is getting them now. The farmer got to give his dad's cows hay and use the new tractor that pops bought.

The farmer has been so busy. They only allowed him 11 days without chickens. He had to work everyday getting the houses ready to get biddies back. Clay got to help lower the brooders for him. 

I have been seeing a few signs of spring my daffodils are coming up and have buds on them. 

I really would love to see just a little snow before spring gets here. I hope that we at least get to see a snow flake. 

Every thing has been going pretty good around here. Mama and Other Mama have had a calf on the 4th and 5th. Here are a few pictures I hope to get some better ones as the get older and move around more. 

Mama is laying at the hay ring with her calf

Other Mama's calf laying in the weeds.

Mama's calf it would not look 

I am trying to get back on track with my diet. I have gotten where I am staying in my calorie range and I have started walking on my treadmill again. I hurt my foot house walking. House walking is getting in 10,000 steps by walking in the house. I would like 2,000 steps and would walk the house to make it to 10,000 steps. I was doing this in my sock and I pulled something in my foot. With ice, naprosyn, and foot exercise it is getting better. Well this was a little catch up on the farm.

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  1. I enjoyed seeing the farm. Wish we could see the baby calves. I know how cute they must be. Glad Clay got to help his Dad. Bet he enjoys that. It's hard to believe how grown up Clay and Seth are. You've done good Vicki! My Daffodils are through the ground too. They really come through too soon, don't they? The cold will probably get them. Love you Vicki.


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