Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Feeling emotional.....

Do you ever have days were one simple thing throws a wrench in your whole day? Started my morning of cooking breakfast, sausage, eggs, grits, and canned biscuits. Then I got started on updating virus software on the boys new computers. Well to start off I had figure out how to get into my emails since everything change with our emails. Then the computer would not take the update on the software. Had to call tech support for the software update. I got everything straighten out by just letting them take over the computer and fix it. I got everything settled down and the farmer started to work. I got my bible out to do my daily devotional time and the power goes off.

This makes my youngest son upset because now he has not computer or internet. I get my son ready and we decide to go outside and see what the farmer is up to. As we are heading out the door the farmer shows up and we decide to go and take some older computers to donate to the Area Christian Ministries in Robbins. I called and arranged to delivery them so we took off. On our adventures out we found out that the power is out all the way to Robbins, Seagrove, and some other areas. We ended up in Biscoe and got a few groceries and a snack.

When we got back home the power is on we ate some lunch and the farmer went back to work. I decided to watch my tv shows that I dvr. I have already eaten over my calories and I have not even eaten supper yet. I have not accomplish much and anything. I hate getting off track because of things throw a wrench in my day and it takes me a while to get stuff back together. Why do I fall  apart over nothing? I have been really worried about my aunt Betty.

She is not improving actually that she has a blood clot in her lung now. It is putting strain on her heart so they moved her to the heart ward. They are using a blood thinner to try and dissolve the clot. I can feel my heart breaking because I can not do anything but pray. I have been calling and checking on her. It just makes me sad that she is worried about her husband who has dementia and he is driving and staying home alone. There is just so much going on. I can feel the emotions growing in my heart and my throat. I feel the tears stinging my eyes. She is the last connection of have of my mom. I don't want anything to happen to her. I know it is apart of life that we live and we die but death is so hard on everyone who loves.
Oh well I guess I need to get off of here and go do my devotions and spend some time with God. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, January 23, 2015

My Aunt Betty

I have started a couple of blogs and deleted them because they were kind of me just think out loud but by typing it out. I have had so many things running through my mind lately. My Aunt Betty is sick in the hospital. I called her right before christmas and she had the flu. I keep tabs on her through her daughter on Facebook and I knew she was better. Then Wednesday I got a call from her daughter that she was in the hospital with and infection in her colon. She explained it that she had horrible stomach pain and thought she need to use the restroom, where she was losing blood. She went to the hospital and the doctor describe to her that the blood stop coming into my stomach. There was talk of surgery. I have called her everyday to check on her, I worry because she is my moms last living sibling. I called her today and she told me her heart is acting up now. They have worked on her all day trying to get it straighten out. She is just wearing her self out taking care of her husband who is in the beginning stages of alzheimer. She also helps take care of her grandchildren. Her youngest daughter who is in her 40's was diagnosed with fragile x syndrome back when my son was diagnosed with it. She got married and had a child who is 10 years old now and did not inherit the defected gene. She had a surprise pregnancy a year ago and has a little girl now who also is not affected, but my aunt has to help her out a lot with the kids. My cousin is high functioning and has her license and a job. I am glad that she is doing well. 

My aunt has always been good to me. I have several aunts that I am really close to. It is weird for me sometimes thinking of them getting older and having health problems. I love them all and I don't do enough to see them, but I do call them and check on them at least once a month. During the Christmas holidays I called one of my aunts I have not talked to in years. She is in bad health also and I think it made her feel good that I called and checked on her. I love family and since my parents have passed away I never get to see them anymore. Also the fact that they are getting older and I have children that don't cope with visiting people. I wish they all lived nearer so that I could go and visit them. I know a couple of hours away is not that far but it is when you have people in your family that don't like to visit. Oh well I love them and think of them often. 

Please say a prayer for her that she gets well soon. 
Thanks for stopping by. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Mom's Night Out....

Saturday night there was two new movies on our movie channel that I have really been wanting to see. Mom's Night Out and Blended.

This is a good no cussing movie

I really enjoyed both movies. I am a huge Adam Sandler fan and this was a clean family movie also. I laughed a lot more watching "Mom's Night Out". This movie was so good and so funny. 

I also want to share about my very first bible study that I have every attended. I loved it! It is called Mommy Time and from the first meeting it is going to be so good!! We had snacks some of the best chicken salad I have had in a while. The fellowship was wonderful spending time with young moms and older moms. The lady that is leading it is so nice and shared some really good information to helps moms to love themselves. This is stuff every woman and mom needs to hear. We also sang some really good contemporary christian songs, read bible scripture and had great fellowship. I am really looking forward to the next one. 

I have not had a candy bar today but I am still eating over my calories. I feel like I am catching a cold. I am going to fight it really hard. 

Well thanks for stoping by. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Another day

Feeling so mad at myself for being out of control with my eating. I was doing so good today and blowed it because I just wanted to snack after supper. I eat way over my calories by 1187 and I have not walked in two days. I want to just smack myself. I let myself get to feeling down today. Not sure why but I have got to pick myself up and get back at. I have decided to give up the candy bars. I have not had one today and I am proud of that. Pecans are a healthy snack but they are very high calories. Tomorrow is a new day and I will keep myself in my calorie range.

Tomorrow is my first woman bible study group. They are calling it "Mommy Time" and I am excited. I am also proud of myself for keeping up on reading my bible everyday. I apologize for boasting because the bible says we should not boast but I am feeling so good and rejoicing that I am getting to know my God and Jesus. Getting closer to them everyday.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


      Well it is 15 days into the years and I have not totally gotten back on track with my eating.  I have lost 3 of the pounds I gained over the holidays but I have not lost any more. I know why though. If you follow me on my fitness pal you can look at my food diary and see why. I think I have eaten a snicker bar everyday day since the first of the year. I am totally addicted to them. I have been walking at least 3 to 4 days a week on the treadmill for 2 miles. I guess that is the only reason I lost back the 3 pounds I gained. I am doing pretty good with my other goals I set for the year. I should not of said I would walk 10,000 steps a day, some days I am lazy and I don't make it. Oh well I have got to get my calories under control before the end of the month.

    I am feeling disappointed in myself for not being able to say "NO" to the candy and the drinks even though sometimes I have a diet drink instead of a real coke. I have been drinking water trying to get 112 oz. a day and having 1 cup of coffee,  1 cup earls gray tea and hot chocolate and a drink so I am walking a lot to the bathroom.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

St. Anthony

I had never heard of St. Anthony until a fellow worker had lost something and called upon St. Anthony to help her find it. I have looked him up and he is a St with the Catholic church and is the finder of lost things. Also according to the internet this is a Jamaican prayer. I am not using it as a prayer because I only pray to the one true God my father.

St. Anthony, St. Anthony
Please come down
Something is lost 
And can't be found

Back to my story. Since the first time I heard of this chant or poem as I like to call it I have tried it. The first time is when I had lost the recovery cd for the boys old computers. They needed to be restored and I could not remember where I had put the cd. I had looked for several days for it and I remember reading this on my friends Facebook page. So I decided to try it and sure enough it worked. I found the cd. I have not needed it for awhile until the other day. Seth wanted a new phone, all because he decided all of a sudden he just had to have a phone with Siri on it. So I decided to give him my old iPhone 4S. Well guess what I could not remember where I put the phone. I have half heartily looked for it until I decided I could not remember where I put it. I was trying my best to remember the last time I had saw it. Clay had used it while his iPod was being repaired and the last time I remembered him having it was at Thanksgiving. So I decided to call upon St. Anthony and as I was saying the chant I turned my head and found the phone's hiding place. 

But this is the best one yet I think. Yesterday we went out for a ride in the truck and I always take a pair of reading glasses and my phone. When we got back  in the house I could not find my favorite reading glasses. Even though they are from the dollar tree they wear really good. I went back out to the truck and looked but I could not find them. I looked in my coat pockets, and in the trash but no glasses. I stopped looking and thought I would look again in the morning when I have light. I went out today and walked around the truck looking on the ground, looking under the seats and everywhere in the truck. No glasses. I looked in my coat pockets again because I keep my gloves in my pockets but no glasses. I looked in the trash again no glasses. I looked through the loveseat and under the loveseat and no glasses. So while I am lying on the floor I called upon St. Anthony. I went out to the truck one more time and right beside the truck door there lays my glasses, with one lens missing. I look everywhere for the lens thinking he just throw them on the ground. They were laying in the gravel right in the open where I would have stepped on them. When the farmer came home I told him about it. He helps me look for the lens. I pulled the truck back and no lens. Then the farmer looks in the edge of the grass and gravel line and there is the lens, no where close to where the glasses where laying. So I am just saying I think this works. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Well to be a family of four with two members of the the family having Fragile X you would think that life would be more interesting around here. For most parts our days are pretty routine. The boys get up around 7:00 to 8:00 am and get their iPads and set in the living room until me and the farmer get up. They are not quite and we are usually awaken by a slamming of doors, Elmo's Christmas blasting on the iPad and popcorn popping. The farmer and I get up shortly after the boys and I make breakfast we eat and watch a little news until Seth announces it is 9 time for Kelly and Michael. Also he will sneak out and go outside around this time also. But this morning the temperatures were low and even though he put on his big coat, cap, and gloves. He has a short sleeve on underneath the coat and no socks on. So excitement this morning telling him he needed to come in that he is going to get sick. This made him a little emotional he is out of sorts after Christmas. He received a new computer, (hates change sometimes) and all of a sudden he decides he wants a new iPhone 5S. He has just got to have one because of Siri. Well his update on his phone is not until May close to the time he graduated that is when he got his phone that does not have siri on it. Oh well. He comes in all about like he is going to cry and goes in his room to call grandparents to rescue the day. They made him all happy and he has been in here talking to me ever since.
     The next excitement came from younger son Clay when he decides it is time for the farmer to go to work and he gets a little anxious in the mornings trying to get the tv to himself. He always goes to the front door and swings it open yelling woooo whoa at the door with key in hand wanting the door locked. So the farmers goes to do the farm work and Clay goes and tries the back door to make sure it is locked. Then he decides he needs a bath to chill out.  He gets out and then he has his smorgasbord of food surrounding him with both iPads and his iPod and the tv on his favorite movie "A Goofy Movie". Life is calm and I am reading my bible, Seth is looking on my phone for him a new phone and Clay is content.
    I am sitting here thinking  I need to write a blog entry but nothing but a boring day going on here.

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Goals in 2015

     I have been thinking about this for 3 days. I made the mistake of telling myself that I was not going to get back strict on my diet until January 5th. I have tried to track my food on my fitness pal but I have been over my calories everyday. I have also walked on my treadmill everyday this week except yesterday. I never could make myself get to it. I have never been that good at keeping goals either but I like to make them. Who knows this may be the year that I succeed .

Goals: 1: I want to read the bible in complete this year. (doing this with the help of Our Daily Bread)
            2: I want to continue getting my act together with God and getting closer to him.
            3. I want to lose 50 pounds before the end of the year.
            4. I want to walk 10,000 steps a day for the year.
            5. I want to do something for myself at least once a month.
            6. I want to do better with my blog. Interesting stories, better grammar and more often.
            7. Finish my moms quilt.
            8. Be Happy More!!!
            9. Enjoy Life!
           10. Have More Courage!

I better stop here this seems to be a lot of stuff to accomplish. I know that I can succeed with God's help.

Philippians 4:13King James Version (KJV)

13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Weight Loss In 2015

Well I did not manage to keep from gaining weight over the holidays. I gained almost 7 lbs from Thanksgiving until December 30th. I did pretty good Monday thru today but today I have ate way to much food. I need to go walk on the treadmill but I feel so lazy.

I made myself go and walk 2 miles. I have got to make some better changes in 2015 and try to meet my weight loss goals. I have found several blogs to follow that are battling the bulge just like me. Why is it so hard to lose weight and keep it off permanently for some and not others. I would not call myself a yo yo dieter but I have lost weight and gained weight many times in my 47 years of life but I have yet to lose it and keep off. Sometimes I think that it is just impossible for me to accomplish such a thing. I promised myself back in 2003 when I had lost 60 pounds that I would keep it off. I slowly started gaining it back in college from the stress of school work and taking test. Then I started work and the stress of everything going on at work I gained all of my weight back plus 20 more pounds. I was my heaviest even while pregnant with both of my children. My heaviest 242! I pray that this is my year to get healthy and stop worrying so much about the number on the scale but how I feel.