Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Getting Older....

This mornings devotion is about Age from David Jeremiah. The bible is always telling us about great things that come from the older generation. I have to admit I have never really thought about how old  these great people were, doing great things in God name and his will. When I have thought about getting old I think about what is going to happen to me and my sons? I think about how age affects my eye sight, my aches and pains and memory. Also on the conceded side about the wrinkles and gray hair. I know all of these things should not be a worry at all when you trust in God and believe that he will take care of all things.

It is so hard not to worry but I have many times over the years given my worries to God and he has taken care of them. I have made my family members mad with me because in the past I have been bad to say I don't want to get old and there response is "What is the alternative?" I really needed this devotion this morning bringing light to me that getting old will bring great things. I should not worry about what is going to happen to my boys because God will take care of them. I have told this before but I gave them to God along time ago asking him to help me raise them on earth the best I could. I promised I would always do my best. With out Gods help I don't know where I would be.

Dear Lord, I am so sorry that over the last 22 years I have had so many days of worry, doubt, and anger. I have grown so much and it is all because of you Dear God. Thank you for being so good to me and my family. Amen

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