Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A few Christmas Crafts

I have made a few Christmas crafts. I love to make Christmas crafts but it took me a while to get into to the spirit this year. I have also bought a few new ornaments. I really love Christmas I would love to make a Nativity craft. I have saw a few that I have thought about making maybe this week I will decide. My mother in law got a cool corn husk nativity for a gift and I would love to make it but the lady who made it is to busy between now and Christmas to show me.

Is this not beautiful. 

a bell acorn and my glass acorn I bought this year at Frogtown Christmas House.

one of my burlap angels

My snowman

I made this angel

Decoration I did not drink the wine and the original picture of the craft the bottles were painted white. I loved the green bottles so I left mine green. What do you think?
Another burlap angel
My hedgehog Farmer bought me a Pier 1
My other glass acorn ornament from Frogtown Christmas House

some more acorn bells

Mark Roberts Pine Cone Christmas Elf 

Well not much of a blog but thanks for stopping by.


  1. That's a wide variety of Christmas ornaments.

  2. Thanks Red I just make what I like. I have no order at all. I just love Christmas!

  3. The ornaments are beautiful! Every time I hear the name Frogtown it makes me smile. Wasn't Frogtown near the Robbins crossroads? I wish we had gone there while we were in Robbins. I can't imagine there being a Christmas shop there. You are good at decorating. Love you Vicki!

    1. Yes Frogtown is at the crossroads right outside of Robbins. Thank you and I love you to

  4. Cousin Vicki, I love the things you made! I don't get around to doing as much as I would like to either but I love making things. I am so proud of you! Was just looking at some of your past pictures. You are such a good mama. Love, Lynn


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