Monday, December 8, 2014

25 Years and Counting.....

Today I will be celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary. Where has time gone? We have had so many ups and downs, happy and sad, and richer and poorer times during these 25 years.  We said I do on a cold day December 9th 1989. It was sleeting and freezing rain the  day we got  married. There was not many people at the wedding because of the weather.  I was sick with a cold from working at a daycare center the week we got married. If it was not for 4-wheel drive good friends and great new family members the wedding would have never happened. See how pale my face was the make-up did not match my skin tone and I had a red nose.

Look how young!

I could not ask for a better husband, friend and a father to my children. He has worked hard our whole married life providing for my and the boys. 

25 years later

We are not doing doing anything exciting for our anniversary. We did our annual shopping day and out to eat. I love doing this every year and we have a good time spending time together. I wanted to go to Pennsylvania where I was born and tour. I wanted to spend a week exploring and seeing the town that I was born in Sunbury. I decided that it would not be as fun without mama telling be there different places to go and sight see at. I don't need special attention and I am not hard to please so I will be happy. To another wonderful 25 years. 


  1. Happy anniversary! 25 is a good number!

  2. Happy anniversary Vickie and Frank! Boy don't the years fly. You two look so young in that wedding picture. You still look young! Love you!


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