Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rainy Fall Day!

It is rainy and windy here today and I am trying to psych myself up and take a walk on my treadmill. I just got were I really hate to walk on it and would rather walk outside but I have been lazy to even walking outside. I have been enjoying the weather and taking a few pictures that I have not posted in a while in my blog so I thought I would make this a picture day. 

Jimmy our bull that has wore a bald spot on his head and pushing around in the mud.  Jimmy is a mess and he is not a nice bull. We call him Jimmy the bully!

The neighbors little dog came over and visited and I got a picture of him.

The last of the tomatoes before we pulled them all up.

Our new fence we replaced after the tree fell on it.

We went to homecoming

We got some gravel.

There is a hornets nest on the building at the pond

We found a praying mantis as big as my phone.

Following pops and mamaw for a ride through the woods.

a cool spiders web.

Riding through the wildflowers

Mamaw getting ready to get ups some calves

Got them in the trailer pops closing the door.

a touch of fall

another praying mantis

Praying mantis

praying manits

Our first frost

Some more fall

Fall in our yard.

I finally got a picture of the hawk.

Yesterday the birds were waiting in the trees for the farmer to put some clean water and they had a great time.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post of pictures.  


  1. I love a picture blog! As mama would say, I would be simply scared to death of Jimmy the bull"! :) That is a huge praying mantis! All the pictures are good! I love seeing your farm. Love you Vicki! Oh, everything is okay, as far as my doctor's appointment. Getting old is the biggest problem. :)

  2. You got some good insect photos.

    1. Thanks Red. I have been enjoying your post to.


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