Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weight loss

I can feel myself slowly coming out of my slump I have been in. I don't really think I have depression I feel like it is every bit hormonal and we will leave it at that. I want to be committed for the rest of the month to really diet with out a bad day. That is just 2 1/2 weeks I should be able to do this with your a bad day. I have got to make this happen. I want to get below 200 pounds during this time and it is going to take commitment to do it. I know that 4 lbs sounds like nothing to some people but to others like me it is hard. I just want to do this and try to get to a lower weight. I was just looking back when I started this journey

See I started April 2013 at this weight of 242 pounds and i a year and five months I have only lost 38.2 pounds. I can not believe that it has been so slow but then again I can. It is because I have way to many days of eating way to much food and not exercising. This is why I need to get myself on track. I know slow weight loss is a good thing and I might have a better chance in keeping it off but not the way I have been doing lately. Days when you eat way over your calories. So I need to make smalls steps and show myself I can commit for for more than a few days. I would love it if I could....No I will love it when I do lose the rest of this weight. 160 here I come!!

I found this picture of me and had to share I much I have changed since May 2013 Prom


  1. You go, Vicki! You're doing great!!!!!

  2. You have lost a lot! You always look beautiful! I don't know how I missed your last post. Probably because I got so wrapped up in posting about building a fence! :) Those pictures are good! That's some odd things to see at stop signs. Especially a refrigerator full of stuff. I can't imaging digging up those beautiful grape vines. We have grapes vines planted but never get that many grapes. By the way, four pounds is hard to lose. Really hard. I can't do it and it makes me so mad! I love you Vicki!


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