Sunday, September 28, 2014

Skinny Rules

I have got to get a reality on my weight. I wish it was a simple as reading a book or following rules. I recently bought and read Bob Harper's Skinny Rules book. He had some good ideas but is it really a life that a person could live with everyday.  Could a person really give up sugar permanently? I know it has been done but do I want to is more the question.

Here are the rules:

  1.  Drink a large glass of water before every meal- No excuses! There is not reason that I can not do this. Drinking water is natural and I like it.
  2.  Don't drink your calories. I try not to do this already. The next thing I have got to do is stop drinking so many sodas. Maybe limit myself to one a month until I can eliminate them altogether. 
  3.  Eat protein at every Meal-Or Stay hungry and grouchy. I can try doing this but he wants a person to eat a lot of boiled eggs but I am not sure I even want to do this. I am not a big boiled egg fan and they do make me have heartburn.
  4.  Slash your intake of refined flours and grains. 
  5. Eat 30 to 50 Grams of Fiber a day
  6. Eat Apples and Berries every day
  7. No Carbs after lunch. This one is a hard one when it seems like everything has carbs in it
  8. Learn to read food labels so you know what you are eating ( I do this)
  9. Stop guessing about portions size and get it right for good.
  10. No More Added Sweeteners including artificial ones. ( this is the one I don't think I could do for a long term)
  11. Get rid of white potatoes. ( I can try this one)
  12. Make one day a week meatless ( no problem)
  13. Get rid of Fast Foods and Fried foods ( This is another one I can not do the family eats out) 
  14. Eat a real breakfast.
  15. Make your own food and eat at least ten meals at home
  16. Banish high salt foods
  17. Eat your vegetable Just Do It! 
  18. Go to bed HUNGRY! (Don't eat 3 hours before you go to bed or pick don't eat after 8:00 or after dinner. I get to decide)
  19. Sleep right
  20. Plan on a splurge meal a week

These rules sound simple but how many skinny people do you know follow these type of rules? Maybe I should at least give these rules a chance. I can slowly bring them into full blown decisions. I am making a goal to lose my last 45 pounds by my birthday April 14 2014. I made long term goal to be at goal weight and maintain it before I am 50. I will be 48 on my birthday so I need to do this. I need to get more commented. Lets see how this goes. 


  1. Many of these are quite good but others laughable. Example sugar. sugar is in just about everything and lots of it. I gave up sugar in coffee and tea. I gave up sodas completely when i found out they had 8 teaspoons of sugar in them. I finally gave up potato chips and snacks after supper. it works for me. Keep at it . You'll get there.

  2. I know Red I agree. I have given up sodas before but I have gotten sucked back into there addictive taste, but I usually only drink half a bottle but that is almost a 1/2 a day.
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. I wish it was as easy to follow rules like these as it is to read them. My downfall is eating ice cream every night after supper. I did good last night and had a glass of ice water while I was sewing. Dan just called and asked what kind of ice cream he should bring home for tonight! Guess I won't be doing so good tonight. I'm going to write down these rules. Love you Vicki!

  4. I think they are pretty good rules but I will have to work on following them.


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