Saturday, August 23, 2014

New Car

I feel like I need to write a blog entry I have started several since the last entry but just felt like they were not interesting or stuff that I did not need to put on a blog for the world to  see. Oh well. I have been doing better on my diet. I have gotten down to 204.8. The last two days have been bad though eating over my calories. Why is it that you lose some weight then you think it is ok to eat a little more the next day. I will never understand my thinking. I have been busy since the last time I blogged. I have been canning more green beans. Our green beans have done the best this year than we have had in a very very long time. I wish I would have thought and took a picture of the last two time we picked them. We picked over 2 bushels the last two time. I have never saw so many green beans. I wish I would have taken a picture of how they were hanging on the vines. It was like grapes. I picked 30 green beans of one vine, I counted them LOL.

We finally caught the calfs and took them to the sale. My little bull weigh over 600 pounds. He was the oldest. With my money I bought me a new laptop. I researched trying to decide what kind to get that would last me a long time and do what I wanted it to do. I debated on a cheaper laptop and a new camera but I just could not get my mind of the MacBook Air. It was on sale for back to school at Best Buy 150$ off. So I finally decided on it. I love it! I am still trying to teach my self to use it, but I am getting the hang of it.

I have not taken any pictures in a while. There just has not been anything interesting to take a picture of. I have gotten a few pictures of deer and wild turkeys but they were not that clear and the deer was standing behind some tree limbs.  I have gotten out of whack on doing anything after being sick for so long.  I have not taken any picture for either of my photo challenges I was doing.

I read all of the time how depression is a big thing with fragile x carries and sometimes I think I have bouts of depression but not to the point that I need medication. Usually if I can get out and take a walk, journal, talk to a friend or find something fun to do I am good. But when you cough your head off and can not get rid of the phlegm it is another whole story. A blog is not a place to share everything.

Oh yeah the car with all of the repairs became someone else's problem. There were some other issues that were going on with the car also that I did not go into so we decided to go ahead and trade it before the repairs piled up and the cost along with them. We got a new Honda Pilot and I love it! I have looked at the Pilot for a long time and the price on them was just out of our budget for a long time. Well here about 3 weeks ago we decided to ride through the Honda dealership and just look. They had a silver one that was really good looking car with out a lot of bells and whistles on it for a really good price. This was on a Sunday so on Thursday the last day of the month we decided to go back and look at it one more time. They had moved it and jacked the price up 4000$. We told the sales man that the price on Sunday was less and even on their web site it was still marked the same price. We negotiated and worked it out to get pay off on our old car and the payment we wanted not he new car and we went home with a new Honda Pilot!!  Wish I new how to do the photo on my new laptop but I have not even tried to do photos yet because I have not taken any pictures. Let me go try to get the one I put on Facebook.  Oh boy I did it! I just learned how to do it and it was easy.

I Love My new Pilot!!

Well thanks for stoping by.

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  1. Oh Vicki! That new car is so pretty. I like everything about it. I would love to have something like yours. Guess I will be driving mama's little Toyola Corolla for the rest of my life. It is a 1998 and as mama used to say, "this little old car didn't come with anything but a set of seats". She was right about that! Nothing extra. It does have a radio and air conditioning. Glad you got that new laptop too. Getting something special like that every once in a while sure makes you feel better. I'm due a little something new! :) I love you Vicki!


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