Friday, August 29, 2014


Why must ones life be based on what you eat or don't eat and money? I know that life should not be based on this it should be about God and how one lives their life. I have lost and gained the same 2 pounds all week being down to 204 back up to 205. I have been noticing that I have been eating a lot of carbs. I know for a fact I can not totally cut out carbs and I am not even sure how low I could go. One website I read said to lose weight effortlessly you should have 50-100 grams per day (authority I know for a fact that I have not been eating enough fruit and veggies. I am always watching a show with diets or healthy living tips. Yesterday I watched Bob Greene from the biggest loser talking about his newest cookbook and then I think I want that cook book know that I hardly ever use a book. Most cookbooks have ingredients that you would never buy and may only use one time.

Alright I know it seems like I whine a lot when I write my blog, but sometimes this is the only place I have to let out my frustrations. I have been doing good on getting my exercise in but my eating is a little out of control. I ate 600 calories over yesterday and I am a little over today but today I walked 3 miles and burned 446 calories. I was proud of myself I finally got back up to a 15 minute mile!! Yay for me!

Well that is enough about diet. We are out of chickens but we are going to have some updates done while we are out and we are only supposed to be out for 14 days. The farmer is going to have a lot of work to do in a very short time. We were hoping to take Seth to the beach for his birthday but this has changed all of our plans.  

Sunday, August 24, 2014

What do I blog....trying out a childhood story

Sometimes I wonder why I blog. I started this blog to talk about things in my life kind of like a journal. To share my thoughts and fears, but then I was scared for people to read what I had to say. My childhood was my childhood and I understood it but a lot of people would think different and I would not want anyone thinking my family was bad even though my parents are not alive to read what I say. My dad loved his family with all of his heart but he had an alcoholism problem and he never over come his addiction. I would love to share my stories of my childhood because they are my memories and has odd as some may think it was my life. I have had people to tell me I should write a book but I am so weary of being judged. If I told my story I would want to tell it the way I remember it.

I think I will try a few stories from around age 4. We lived in Ramsuer NC in the country. We lived in a single wide trailer and my dad had a horse and me a pony. I had two dogs Whitey and brownie. I know very creative names for a white dog and a brown dog. I also had cat named Kitty Tom. I remember one time I was outside playing and decided I wanted to ride my pony. I called my pony over to the gate so I could climb onto his back. I rode him around in the pasture when he decided to go into the barn. At the time my dad had a big white horse and my pony stopped right behind him in the barn. I had been taught not to be behind a horse because it could kick you. I got scared and started screaming and crying for my mom to come and rescue me. It seemed like it took for ever for her to finally her me crying and screaming. I never did it again. This is a simple little story to start with. I have a few more that involve the farm and my animals. I might go try and find some pictures to go along with the next story.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

New Car

I feel like I need to write a blog entry I have started several since the last entry but just felt like they were not interesting or stuff that I did not need to put on a blog for the world to  see. Oh well. I have been doing better on my diet. I have gotten down to 204.8. The last two days have been bad though eating over my calories. Why is it that you lose some weight then you think it is ok to eat a little more the next day. I will never understand my thinking. I have been busy since the last time I blogged. I have been canning more green beans. Our green beans have done the best this year than we have had in a very very long time. I wish I would have thought and took a picture of the last two time we picked them. We picked over 2 bushels the last two time. I have never saw so many green beans. I wish I would have taken a picture of how they were hanging on the vines. It was like grapes. I picked 30 green beans of one vine, I counted them LOL.

We finally caught the calfs and took them to the sale. My little bull weigh over 600 pounds. He was the oldest. With my money I bought me a new laptop. I researched trying to decide what kind to get that would last me a long time and do what I wanted it to do. I debated on a cheaper laptop and a new camera but I just could not get my mind of the MacBook Air. It was on sale for back to school at Best Buy 150$ off. So I finally decided on it. I love it! I am still trying to teach my self to use it, but I am getting the hang of it.

I have not taken any pictures in a while. There just has not been anything interesting to take a picture of. I have gotten a few pictures of deer and wild turkeys but they were not that clear and the deer was standing behind some tree limbs.  I have gotten out of whack on doing anything after being sick for so long.  I have not taken any picture for either of my photo challenges I was doing.

I read all of the time how depression is a big thing with fragile x carries and sometimes I think I have bouts of depression but not to the point that I need medication. Usually if I can get out and take a walk, journal, talk to a friend or find something fun to do I am good. But when you cough your head off and can not get rid of the phlegm it is another whole story. A blog is not a place to share everything.

Oh yeah the car with all of the repairs became someone else's problem. There were some other issues that were going on with the car also that I did not go into so we decided to go ahead and trade it before the repairs piled up and the cost along with them. We got a new Honda Pilot and I love it! I have looked at the Pilot for a long time and the price on them was just out of our budget for a long time. Well here about 3 weeks ago we decided to ride through the Honda dealership and just look. They had a silver one that was really good looking car with out a lot of bells and whistles on it for a really good price. This was on a Sunday so on Thursday the last day of the month we decided to go back and look at it one more time. They had moved it and jacked the price up 4000$. We told the sales man that the price on Sunday was less and even on their web site it was still marked the same price. We negotiated and worked it out to get pay off on our old car and the payment we wanted not he new car and we went home with a new Honda Pilot!!  Wish I new how to do the photo on my new laptop but I have not even tried to do photos yet because I have not taken any pictures. Let me go try to get the one I put on Facebook.  Oh boy I did it! I just learned how to do it and it was easy.

I Love My new Pilot!!

Well thanks for stoping by.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Not much about nothing

I am so thankful that I finally got over this cold and I have started walking again. Now to get my eating under control. I have been reading blogs about weight loss and diet and how committed they are and they don't cheat. I am going to start tomorrow and try this. Starting tomorrow I am committing to staying in my calorie range and walking for the next 15 days which will be until the end of this month. How hard can that be? I  started this weight loss journey when we got back from the beach last year, which would have been the end of August. I want this to be below 200 lbs  by the end of this August which is a year. I can do it.

I am also trying to make a decision on a new laptop. I want a new laptop and I don't know what to get. You know the "I want list" I made a few blogs back well we sold our calves and I got enough out of my calf to get a new laptop and maybe a camera if I decide on a laptop with a reasonable price. I have researched the top 2014 laptops and MacBook air is on the top but that would take almost all of my money. I could get an Lenovo and the new camera I have been wanting. I just don't know what to do. Oh well I will figure it out some way.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Feeling Happy!!!!!

Feeling Happy!! I am on the recovery end I do believe of this horrible summer cold. I have never had a summer cold and I can honestly say I never want another one. A winter cold is a breeze compared to this.Sunday it would be going on 4 weeks that I have been sick with a cold. I know a lot of you are probably asking why did I not go to the doctor? Well my answer is I was sick for a good 4 days with snot snot and some more snot. I worked through it. I walked one day 3 miles, picked green beans one day and canned them the next. Yes I did not feel good but not so bad I could not function. Then I went 3 days feeling pretty good then a back set hit me. I went down hill fast with more snot, but this time I got a cough. Did I say a cough


 verb \ˈkf\

: to force air through your throat with a short, loud noise often because you are sick
: to make a noise like that of coughing

I had all of this plus anything else you can think up to go with a cough! I have had very little sleep siting up in the recliner and coughing sipping water and going to the bathroom.  I would drink 32 oz of water during the night just to keep my throat moist. My family has had it to with Seth just having the snot and Clay had a few days of snot. The farmer he never had the snot but he got the horrible, horrific word cough. The kind of cough that makes you lose your breath, makes your ribs hurt, gags you and the phlegm. How can one person make this much snot, phlegm? Well the second round of this cold has lasted  a while and still going on, but with a lot of improvement. I actually slept in 3 hour segments last night. When I would wake up it was from that tickle in my throat of phlegm running. I would have to sit up get some water go bathroom, cough, hack, bark find a cough drop and lay back. Well Praying and hoping and being thankful that I feel better today!!! I still have a scratchy throat and some coughing but I think I might just might be able to get a full night sleep tonight. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Another pity party about weight

Another diet/pity entry. I am getting so tired of having a summer cold. Just when I thought I was feeling better I had a back set!!! I have sit around in socks, jogging pants and my snuggie just like it is winter time. I have been through 2 boxes of Kleenexes and no telling how much toilet paper and paper napkins. I only lost one  that is one pound in July!!
This made me 35 pounds off!!
I want to get below 200 pounds this month. I have several blogs I follow that are about weight loss and one of them reminds me of me. She has made a challenge for her self in August or actually for 90 days to get to her goal weight. I borrowed her picture to challenge/change. I have a friend that is supporting me everyday! She is doing so much better than I am right and she is giving me support out the ying yang while all I have been doing is wallowing  in my excuses of why I am not able to do it right now. Turning to food instead of finding something else to do.

Friday, August 1, 2014

My opinion

Something on my mind today. As everyone that reads my blog knows that I have two grown sons that have Fragile x syndrome. They have struggled with different things in life and one of the things that bother me is them not having a true friend. I know that there are a lot of so call normal people in this world that don't have a true friend so I don't know why it bothers me so much. Times have changed and children growing up now days don't spend time with cousins, aunts and uncles even sometimes grandparents. My children only get to see cousins from my side of the family around Christmas which is one time a year. They see the cousins on the other side more often but they have never been close or spend the night with one another. They don't know extended family either. This is sad to me. I know a lot of it has to do with my parents passing away at such a young age. This has put the gap in family getting together any more.

Not only is it family that have not gotten to really know my children and getting the chance to experience something that would touch their hearts forever. It is people that they went to school with for the past 19 years. Out of these years they have not had a true friend. I know also that some of it has to do with me and the farmer being over protective. I read this article this morning and me and the farmer have different views on it.

In 2012, when my son was born with spina bifida -- a birth defect of the spine -- I joined the ranks of millions of people worldwide who love someone with a disability. I've learned a lot in the year since: how to find the best wheelchair-accessible parks, how to schedule multiple therapists, how to be a mom. But more than that, I learned that I am "a special kind of person." At least, that's what people told me.
Why? Because it takes a special kind of person to raise a child like my son.
I'll be honest and say that at first, I really liked being a special kind of person. Who wouldn't? It was nice. It meant I was doing something good, something important and noble. I am, after all, raising a child who has a disability.
But after a few months, it didn't sit so well anymore. Being called a "special kind of person" began to make me uncomfortable. And then I saw a photo on Facebook that made me realize why. It was a picture of a teenage girl dressed for prom and standing beside her date -- a boy with Down syndrome. The picture was charming, but it was the comments that got to me:
"Honorable move, looks like she made his day!"
"Someone at my school did the same this year. It made me proud of her because she's absolutely beautiful and could've had anyone she wanted."
"That is very sweet of her..."
Turns out, she was a special kind of person, just like me. But it felt hurtful somehow. I started wondering, "How would I feel if the boy in this photo was my son?" Sixteen years from now, when my son goes to prom, will people applaud his date? Will they see her as a martyr? As a saint?
Just what are we saying about people with disabilities when we glorify those who love and care for them?
Think of it this way: I am married; I have a mother and father who love me; I am surrounded by friends. But what if, time and again, I overheard snippets of conversations -- words that praised them for the love and care they've given me? Imagine whispers to my mother: "It takes a special kind of person to raise a kid like that." Or to my husband: "You are such an inspiration -- I don't know if I could be with someone like her." These comments would say so much about my worth -- my value.
Believe me, I am not diminishing my work as a mother. I am not ignoring the extra time and energy it takes to carry a wheelchair up a flight of stairs. I am not pretending that my son is just like everyone else. But when we glorify his friends, or his mother, or his one-day prom date, we imply that he is less-than. We imply that those with disabilities are not equally lovable -- that it takes someone "special" to muster up this kind of affection. It seems we reveal our innermost bias; at least, I think I did.
The thing is, all love should be praised, and all sacrifice, too. Loving someone is hard work -- whether that person is a football player, a musician or a wheelchair tennis star. So call me hardworking or call me a wonderful mother. But if you call me a special kind of person, I'll probably nod and smile, because I know a secret: If you knew my son, you'd love him, too.
So, I guess you're a special kind of person -- just like me.

This is a very good article and I enjoyed and could even put myself in the position. I agree that I don't always  like being called a "special kind of mom". I am just a mom like everyone else. All of you would do the same thing or at least I hope you would. But than there are other times I think I deserve to be called a special kind of mom!! The reason  that this article bothered me I have  high lighted. I know that this could bother some parents. Feeling like this person is just trying to pat their selves on the back, but I don't always agree.  My oldest son was voted by or rigged for him to win "prom king" I was so proud that the kids did this for him giving him a memory that he will never forget. He is still talking about it and probably will until he is old. I mean, don't our children deserve the right to have some of the fun things that so call normal kids do? I look at the bigger picture on how it makes my son feel I could care less about the person that is doing it "the date". I have asked his friends to call him, text him and just give him some normalcy.  This is just my opinion and I wanted to share. It has been on my mind every since I read the article.