Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week of the fourth!

We have been home 1 week from the beach and I miss it so bad. Not a day has gone by that Clay has begged to go back. He loves the beach so much. I have not been real busy this week but on Monday I went to Carter's Farm and got some sweet silver queen corn, 10 dozen to be exact. I love to eat fresh corn and eat it is what we have done. I did can 14 pints and I might can a  few more not sure. Here is a picture of my canned corn and a few things that we picked out of the garden Saturday. We need rain so bad.

Our tomatoes that we planted in the bed is loaded with green tomatoes and they are starting to get ripe.

These are doing good but they are close enough to water, but we have noticed they are getting some end rot on them. Not sure what causes that but it is so discouraging. The garden is so dry I am not sure how anything is still living. I thought for sure we were going to get a little rain from hurricane Arthur but no such luck. 

I took a picture of the rain and then it stopped maybe I jinxed it. Oh well it was pretty while it lasted. We have not really had a good rain in over 3 weeks. See the hose stretched out across the yard to water my flowers. They are all still pretty. I am not to happy with my herb bed this year one side is prettier than the other side.

See how dry the yard is it is so sad. We really need a good soaking rain. The temperature cooled off some after the hurricane went up the coast. It made a beautiful day to go to Dentons Threasher's Reunion.
A car in Meyers Garage 

Bobby Myers race car

Seth and Chocolate Myers Dale Earnhardt retired gas man

Seth with Barney's police car

Country Hillbilly
We have had a great week but we still miss the beach. 
Wish I was back!
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  1. Vicki, your canned corn looks so good. I have never canned corn. Is it as easy as canning green beans? Your yard and flowers and the tomatoes look pretty. You would never know it was that dry. Everything is wilted here. I hate to even look at the garden. It does it every year! Just when the garden starts to produce, it quits raining. I know you all miss the beach. I would love to go again. I love you vicki.


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