Friday, July 11, 2014

I want.....

Things I want!! Everybody wants something so I know I am not writing about anything that is unheard of. I also want to make it clear that I am not a spoiled I got to have this now kind of person either. There are several things I have on my mind that I want sometime but I will survive without them. Here is a list of things I want: some of them are material and some are not

1. I want my family to be well and happy. I hate for them be troubled, worried or nervous.
2. I want God  always to be in my life guiding me and saving me.

1. I want a new laptop
2. I want a new camera
3. I want a building
4. I want a big shower
5. I want to be able to stay at the beach more during the summer
6. I want lose weight and meet my goal of 155 pounds and stay around that weight.
7. I want to have friends and family in my life more. I miss them so much. I hate that everyone is so busy that no one has time for this anymore. I also know that I also have children that need me all of the time and I am not always available to do things with friends and family.
8. I want a fit bit
9. I want a pool
10. I want to remodel my house. Really remodel it.
11. I want a new bed
12. I want one day a week to do what ever I want
13. I want a friend that I can talk to everyday. I miss having a friend
14. I want a pet preferably a dog. A smart dog that is easy trained and does not roam, and chew up everything.
15. I want to learn how to take better pictures.

I know this sounds like a lot but most of it I can live without. Some of the things I can make happen if I would really set my mind to it and some of it may or may not ever happen. All of this makes me think of what my granny use to tell me when she was alive. "Want in one hand and Shit in the other and see which one get full the quickest."


  1. Love this! Most of those things are things I want too, but my daddy always told me to do what your granny told you to do. Lol. Maybe we'll get some of the things we want, but when I start thinking about what I don't have it helps me to think about what I already have to put things in perspective. Miss you!

    1. Thank You Kreative Kidd!! I am grateful for all of my blessing also!

  2. I hope you get every one of those things! I've got a list somewhere in a drawer. Why does it seem like everybody else has all the things on your list! I asked Dan the other day..."If we ever win the lottery, can I run to the drug store and get a few things I want"? He just looked at me. I love you Vicki. Call me any time.

    1. I know what you mean that is what I did for my birthday!! LOL
      Love you!


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