Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Feeling better....

I am feeling better. I am so happy that I am really feeling so much better. I have finally got some energy back and my back is feeling much better. I am happy to say I finally got the fluid back off I gained from the iv and being sick. This helped me to feel better. I could not figure out how I gained 3 pounds when I was so sick. Sorry about my toes. I had brown toenail polish on and I could not get it all off. I will try to get more off today.

I am so excited I did not get a picture of this Friday. I woke up with cold chills and the fever that I did not have bad like Saturday. I took a shower and breakfast and got ready for a trip to the zoo. I took my camera but I did not get to many good pictures even though I remember to take my glasses with me I did not remember to take them in the zoo with me. Oh well my pictures were blurry and not real clear. 


I love this picture of my boys with the mamaw. 

It is so hard to get them  both to look. 


We had a good time at the zoo. I felt fine just tired a little but would never have thought I was sick. Later when we got home, we all went over to the pond to relax. I got some pictures of a summer tanager pair over there. Along with a  indigo bunting and some cow birds.

indigo bunting

Cow Birds
Summer Tanager pair

A cow decided to take a swim and watched us sitting on the pier taking her picture.
Cow cooling off.
I also got a pair of doves on the gate but it is kind of blurred because I was to far away. 

We left from the pond and went back to check on the chickens. There was a small bird that was just sitting there.
a little dazed

By the time we got in the house it was getting dark and I was getting tired and cold. I had another cold chill and covered up with my snuggie and took a nap. I thought it had just been a long day. Oh well. Thanks for stopping by.

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