Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day 2

I have been challenged on face book to take pictures through out the day of what I have been doing and put them in a collage. I started yesterday and thought I would share with you. The funny thing is when the farmer looked at the collage he said that is everything I did yesterday. I said, "I know but we watched" LOL.

I have been getting some great pictures of birds and nest. I love the indigo bunting in the top corner. I captured this bird I have been following for about a month. 

Scarlet Tanager

Mother's day was a great day. We put out the flowers on my granny's and grandpa grave, my aunt Mildred's grave, my Uncle, Aunts and cousins grave and my moms. Here are a few pictures
My mom

My Uncle, Aunt, and cousin

My Aunt Mildred

My Granny and grandpa

The Farmer grilled out for mother's day. We had cheeseburgers and I loved them!!

We also got to go spend time with the Farmer's grandma who will be 93 years old in June. She is a wonderful woman and she inspires me to want to live to be old if I can only be has healthy as her. Her she is standing behind her knock out roses that the farmer planted for her. 
Grandma Myrtie

I also captured this beautiful wild rabbit that has been living in my yard for about 2 years. She usually has baby bunnies in my flower bed. If she has some this year I will try to get a picture of them for you.

I got some flowers for mother's day. Here is my flower bed that I fixed with new dirt and plants. Tomorrow I am going to looks for some herbs for my herb bed. 

My New Flower bed.
The Farmer got his picture taken with his mom for mother's day. 

Farmer and his mom
I got my family to take a picture with me I think it turned out good. 

My Family
Well thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Great pictures, but I absolutely LOVE the one of Grandma Myrtie!!!! Glad you had a good day!


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