Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hungry Wednesday....

     I am glad that my children are grown and for most part don't need me to hover over them like I did when they were small. They still need my supervision on almost everything but they usually occupy there time with technology. So this leads to boredom for me. I can only stand to look at facebook for so long. I check my emails which I don't get many. I check my blog and then I get up and straighten up the house. The house stays pretty clean now that the boys are grown. Oh well I try to find things to do so that I don't eat. I have got to start back taking photos of my food this was working really well for me.

     I started this blog a few years back to help me get through summers. I have always loved summer breaks from school but I hated them to.I have not always been open and honest on my blog because I don't like people judging me or my family. I also hate pity unless I am the one wallering in my on pity party. 

     Many days I have sit in this house because I could not get out with both of my boys. I have never had a cap worker or friends and family that really helped out. My parents died when my oldest son was a baby. The farmers parents help some but I have seen times when I wish they would have come by every day. Back then the farmer worked in a mill on 3rd shift so he slept during the day and some days he worked as a plumbers helper. So we had many days stuck in the house. There was never anything that I could do with both boys to keep them happy and occupied outside. We have had pools, bikes and other things but they only worked for a short amount of time and then there was usually a meltdown and I found it easier to keep them in the house. I had play groups when my oldest son was young but after the second one it become impossible to take both of them. My oldest son when he was young had horrible panic attacks and would whine and cry to go home until you took him. He still panics but he is not as bad as he use to be. My youngest son has meltdowns and can be hard to control but I always managed until he got as big as me. He does not really get violent but he will sit down and not get up. I just find it easier now to wait and do stuff when the farmer is done with his work.

So here I am bored again. My oldest son is spending some time with his pops and my youngest son has taken over the tv watching his dvr shows and I would love something to eat. It is almost 12 so I guess I could make me some lunch now.

Well thanks for stopping by. 

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