Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Friday!!

Day 12 I got slack on taking pictures of what I eat but I eat some of the same things everyday or every other day. I don't want to bore people with my food pictures. Fridays is my weigh in day and I am pleased with what the scales said today.

I have lost 5.8 pounds since I have started this. 

I have been trying really hard keeping my calories down but it is so hard. Yesterday I ate 182 calories over and I have almost everyday this week but not by much. For now I have stopped exercising  for right now and it has seem to help for now.When I hit a plateau I can add some exercise back in. I hope I can keep it up I want to get to 160 but for now I just want to get under 200 lbs. I am having to be really careful with this because I don't want to get to discouraged or to over confident that I am doing good and back slide. I am weird like that LOL. I need to get to the store and to PR Moores and get me some fruit. I have been out for around 3 days and it makes it hard. Oh well just pray that I will make it to get healthy. 

Oh yes I wanted to share something. You know Wednesday when I was down and hungry I went outside to sit in my new favorite place. We have 2 swings in the yard. One in the front and one in the back. Clay loves to swing but he does not like anyone swinging with him
My favorite place

Clay swinging with his pooh stick and his bag of balls Our bull Jimmy watching him.
Well anyway has you remember I was a little down and a little hungry on Wednesday so we decided to go outside and watch the Farmer mow the yard. Clay loves to watch his dad mow the yard

Farmer mowing
While sitting in the swing thinking about what I wrote in my blog and thinking about how much better a person can feel by just going outside. I was thinking about what my next blog entry could be on being "Happy" I was thinking what really makes a person happy? Having children that have fragile x syndrome can draw a fine line on being happy and upset. Clay is really happy when he has multiple entertainment going on and then again all of these things can make him upset just depends. Me on the other hand I try to be happy. I love it when everyone in my family is happy. I love it when little things make me happy and so forth, but even when were are happy sometimes something little can change that mood. Like a comment, someone else mood changes, and so many other things no matter how minor or major it is. Well I am thinking about all of this and looking up in the trees for birds. You know I have a new obsession on taking pictures of birds. While looking for birds I notice this tree and it made me smile
A Happy Tree!!
Now when I go to my new favorite place I get to see my happy tree!! 

Thanks for stopping by I hope I did not jump around to much but that is me.

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