Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 4 Food Photo Journal

I did better today but I did not get many veggies or fruit in. So did I really do better today?? I took a little walk with my family but it was more like a stroll. I had a really good day other wise. My in-laws came and got both boys and took them until around 12:30 today. It was a nice break. I wanted to get some pictures today but no luck. Well Thanks for stopping by.

Hardee's Ham biscuit 370 calorie

Popcorn 60 calories
peppermint candy 20
Ball park smoked whit turkey dog 2  90 calories
bun 120 calories
Cookies and Cream ice cream 1/2 cup 150 calories
Sugar cone 50 calories
Smart ones 280 calories
1/2 banana 60 calories

1/2 coke 70 calories

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