Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 3 Photo Food Journal

Day 3 of my photo food journal. I weight this morning just because I usually weigh every morning unless I have eaten really bad the day before. I was down 2 pounds Yay!! Now if I did not gain it back today. I have not had the best day eating.

Greek Yogurt 80 cals. and Great grains Crunch pecans 1/2 cup 140 cals

Hamburger buns 2: 220 calories
85% beef grilled burgers 2: 385 Calories
Provolone Cheese 2 slices 160 Calories
Kraft olive oil Mayo 1 tbs. 35 calories

5 chips 80 calories

11 chips 140 calories

I also had 1/2 bottle of coke 100 calories and 4 pieces of dark chocolate 63 calories

My total calorie intake was 1,412. I went over 212 calories. I know what I did I did not eat lunch/supper until 3:30-4:00 and I was hungry. I stayed outside taking pictures most of the day and then we went to town. We decided to grill some burgers on the grill so after picking up the stuff we need it was getting on toward 3:00 o'clock So to help out on eating over my calories I decided to take a mile walk. . 

Oh well I will eat more vegetables tomorrow and get back on track. This is keeping me honest.


  1. I could eat a bucket of Greek Yogurt and granola! :) You are doing good. I have been keeping a record too and when I total everything up, my calories run about 1,500 to 1,700. I can tell I am losing a little...slowly. It is hard to keep it at 1,200 but I keep thinking if Vicki can do it, surely I can. I don't have that much weight to lose but if I turned lose and ate everything I wanted...well, there is no telling. Jimmy Mckenzie and I laugh about how much we are alike. Neither of us ever get full, we just have to make ourselves stop eating. Jimmy says he can get up from a big meal and eat a pound of cheese. I am the same way! Love you Vicki! Did't mean to write so much. Hope you won't ban me from your blog! :)

    1. I would never ban you from my blog ever!! I am probably eating to little of amount of calories but I have a lot of weight to loss. I asked my doctor about it when I went for a check up and he said not to go below so I try not to.
      Love you

  2. 1200 calories is hard! I rarely go below 1700. I am bad about not eating much or skipping lunch and then pigging out in the evening. You're doing great!

    1. Thanks Kidd! I am trying hard to get the scales to making again.

  3. 1200 calories is very tough!! You are doing great.


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