Wednesday, April 16, 2014


       I am sitting here putting off going to exercise. Yesterday I did the Jillian Michael 's 30 day shred video and today I am so sore. I know the cliche "No pain no gain" but I really hate pain. I also now I need to go work out the pain and do it again today but I am searching for motivation. Yesterday I found a bathing suit I would really like to buy and that motivated me to go exercise. Today I can not fool myself in to thinking I will look good in that bathing suit. Oh well, it is not all about a bathing suit. I need to get healthy for me so that I will have more energy, ward off getting health problems from being over weight and just feel better about myself. 50 years old is slowly (quickly) slipping up on me and I had so many goals for myself before I hit 45 and I did not accomplish them. God and life has a way of changing things for you. I have figured one thing out for sure I need to eat more vegetables and fruit. I do not eat enough of these food items and I am to quick to turn to something quick. When I did weight watchers I always ate lots of vegetables and fruit. I eat more fruit now than I do vegetables and fruit can be fattening. I went out and bought the Hungry girls diet book but I have only read the first page. I saw a book an Rachel Ray this morning by Bob Harper from the biggest loser with 350 calories or less meals. I sometimes wish that I had a personal meal planner. I would cook it but I would love to have simple menus with ingredients always available. I might have to check his book out. just to see if it could be simple.

      Oh well I did get off of here and walked on my treadmill for 2 miles in 34.4 minutes. That made me feel good about myself. Also for lunch I had green giant brussel sprouts, a cut up tomato and 1/2 of  a banana. So I got some vegetables and fruits in and plans for more tonight. Well thanks for stopping by.

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