Sunday, April 13, 2014

Out and about....

 What a beautiful day today. Despite all of the people that were out and about also enjoying the day we had a good day. We went over to Albemarle to Wal-Mart today. We enjoy going over to Albemarle compared to Asheboro or Pinehurst. It was a wonderful spring day. We got some KFC and went to eat a picnic at Baden Lake but there was some many people there we ended up eating in the car. We went to wal-mart because I wanted to buy somethings I normally don't like to waste money on. My birthday is Monday and farmer has been asking me what I want for my birthday. I told him I really want a new lap top but I know we can not afford that right now so I bought a few things a wal-mart that have been wanting. We also got a blizzard at Dairy Queen. We took a ride afterward and I got to takes some pictures of a jake turkey in a field.

I did not know until I looked at the pictures there was another one in the woods
When we got home we changed clothes and went over to the pond and went fishing for a little while. We caught a few crappies.
Seth and his fish

Farmer and his fish bigger than it looks

A pair of geese guarding their nest.

We had a great day.  Tomorrow is my birthday I will be 47 years old. Where has time gone?



  1. Well, happy birthday! I hope you have a great day!

  2. First Time visitor - so I guess I get to wish you a Happy Birthday from Atlantic Canada. I enjoyed your post very much from wild turkeys to fishing and shall come back to visit. Have a wonderful day :)

    1. Thanks for visiting! I am glad you enjoyed my blog. I am not the best writer but sometimes I just like to express myself in words and pictures. Thanks again!

  3. Dearest Vicki, I am so ashamed of myself. You know I thought about you this morning and knew your birthday was in April but could not remember the exact day! The 14th seemed right! Happy, Happy Birthday! I love you very much and want to surprise you with something!!! I will think of something! Love, Melba

    1. Love you !! You don't have to do anything for my birthday I feel like I get a gift from you every time I read your blog!
      Love you


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