Saturday, March 22, 2014

Special Delivery

I had the best day ever!! It has been a great spring day. The best part I had a special delivery from my Aunt Melba. I asked her to make me a bonnet. I love old fashion things and antiques even though I don't have a lot of them. She did not only make me a bonnet but an apron to.
I am trying to figure out the best way to display them in my house.

She also sent me a picture of my grandma. I received this beautiful frame for Christmas and it was perfect for grandma's picture. She is so beautiful. 
I have been enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having I am really dreading it cooling off. I don't think it is going to get as cold as they thought or I hope they are wrong. I don't want anymore winter weather. I don't really want more rain but I will take what the Lord gives us. I took a few pictures trying out macro on my camera. 

Bradford Pear


We also took a ride out to Candor to see the peach trees blooming. I have picked peaches at the farm before and they were delicious. I hope that the cold does not hurt them and the peaches are plentiful.  
Peach trees


  1. Things look more than spring like at your place. Our low was minus 17 C last night!!!

  2. Vicki, what a surprise to see the bonnet and apron and picture! I hope you enjoy them. Those are beautiful spring pictures! I sure hate to see the cold weather come back. Maybe it won't be too bad. I love you!

    1. I love it. I have been trying to figure out were I want to display it in my house. I have been searching the internet trying to find something perfect. Love you bunches!! Vicki


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