Tuesday, February 11, 2014


It is snowing again!! I love snow and I am so happy that it is snowing during the day so that I can see it. I am so ready to go out and play in it. But I have a deep dark secret..... Yeah right!! My sons do not like to go outside unless they are riding on the mule or in a vehicle. I get them all dressed and myself and get out the door and it is no time Clay wants to come in. Having children with fragile x is always a challenge and most of the time you pick and choose what you want to tackle.

We did not end up getting but about of 1 inch of snow. I hope that it brings more tomorrow. If so I will post pictures tomorrow.

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  1. Dear Vicki, Your place is so pretty. I love the wide open land and pasture. This time you got the snow and we didn't get any yesterday. Sounds like we all will get it today and tomorrow! I thought about Cindy and her boys. Didn't they get about 5 inches? They really don't get that much on the coast so I bet they were excited! I love you Vicki. Hope you all get a big snow today! Love, Aunt Melba


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