Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Photo challenge for February

I enjoyed my photo challenge so much that I decided to keep it up. I have struggled with this a little more trying to capture the perfect picture. You would think simple words would be easy to take a picture of but I want to make myself think and get a good picture. I mean how hard can red be?? There are so many red things in this world but I made it hard. We took a ride in the country looking for the perfect red item and I found this red building. I got the farmer to turn around and ride by it slowly so that I could take a picture of it.
I though it was cool even with the blur.

But I ended up using this one.

The second day was shadow. I went out side and took pictures of mine and Farmers shadow but we looked short and fat. I tried shadows of a tree but I really did not want a tree. I took a picture of the corner coffee table with the shadows on the wall and the deer head shadow. I was not impressed with any of them but settled for this one
Deer shadow

Me and the Farmer

I even tried putting eye shadow on one eye

Corner table shadow

Yesterday was Gathering. I took a piece of tulle and gathered it but you could not really tell that I did that. I took a picture of the curtain gathered up at the top but that just did not seem right. So at the last minute I decided on a box of sticks, pinecones, and seed pods to take a picture of.

Today is circle. I decided to do mine and farmers wedding bands "Circle of Love".
I used the Bible that farmer received for graduation and my flower bouquet that I carried when I got married.
I took several pictures and this is what I came up with.

This one has my head shadow in it.

Not sure of which on to use or if I should find a better shot of an circle or should I say more unique.


  1. That looks like fun. All the pictures are good. I love those last three. How did you do that thing with the red building??

    1. Henny, we were riding through Mt. Gilead an I was looking for stuff red everywhere. I saw this building and I got Frank to turn around and ride by it. As we were going by I was snapping pictures with my phone. I did not even know there was a bottle tree in front of it. The blur came from the motion of the car moving. Farmers idea of slowing down and mine is 2 different things LOL
      Love ya.

  2. Just like a man. That is so funny! I thought maybe you knew how to put two pictures together or something...Trick photography! Can you tell I don't know what I am talking about?


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