Saturday, January 18, 2014

Your Happy Place???

I have often tried to figure out my happy place. I have read motivation books that tell you to relax and go to your happy place. I can even get my brain to cooperate to do this. I would say my happy place is the beach!

These were taken last year at Huntington beach state park in SC. Clay loves the beach as much as I do. He is always packed and ready to go. The last words he says before he goes to bed is BEACCCCHHH and he will not go to sleep until you say "yes the beach". Just love my boy!! I hope some day that we can stay summers at the beach. It never hurts to dream. 

My second happy place would be at home. When I want a picture of the house I can not find one. Oh well. 

Clay had really did good with keeping his room clean this time. 

Well I guess that is all I have for now.


  1. Nice places. My happy place is my home also.

  2. I suppose my happy place would be home too. The beach does make me happy, but so do the mountains. Oh, Robbins might be my happy place! :) Hope you find a Lab puppy. What color do you want? We had 10 at one time but now we don't even have a Lab. We have only Weetie, the little dog someone moved away and left. She found us and we kept her. Love you! Henny I want another Lab!

    1. I want a black lab. I love labs they are good dogs once you get them out of the chewing puppy stage.
      Love you!


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