Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Calf

We have another new calf. We are not very creative with names. The first cow that had a calf was "Mama". The cow that had a calf today is "Other Mama". We are waiting on one more cow whose name is "Bugsy" to have her calf. Our bulls name is Jimmy, aka Jimmy Legs from the movie "Kangaroo Jack". Oh well that is enough about names. Here is the latest addition to our cow family.
Other Mama and new calf

Other mama and new calf

other mama and new calf

These are not the best pictures because of the fence but I did not think about the fence being in the way when I was taking the pictures. Maybe Bugsy will have hers in the next few days. 

We are still out of chickens. Farmer has been cleaning fans and getting ready for new babies in about another week or two. 

I keep you informed on farm.


  1. Oh, another baby! I like the names. Both of my goats think their names are "baby goat". What ever we start off calling an animal usually sticks! I love your farm!

    1. Thank Henny! I had a goat name Brown girl I sure do miss her.


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