Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Do you ever have days of boredom??? I know I have millions of things I could do like do some deep house cleaning, exercise, or something. I can not really think of things that have to
be done. I could clean out cabinets  but they just get messed up again quickly. I could go outside but it is cold and nothing really to do out there. Clay is the most happy when I am just sitting in the den and hanging out with him while he watches tv, ipad, eats, and drinks (kool-ade).  Sometimes I think I am just lazy but I will get up and do something. I think I will. I have got to go take a picture of my lucky number. I really don't have one but Seth said I should pick six and take a picture of his sticks so I think I will go do that and then walk on my treadmill.


  1. Hey, I think we are having alike days! I have made myself vacuum the floors. I ironed two pieces. There is lots to do but I can't get motivated! I think it is the weather! Do you have an Etsy shop?

    1. No I don't have an ETSY shop. When I worked I made crafts to sell to make money for our classroom. Now I just make crafts for myself.

  2. Oh yeah, we definitely have days of boredom. More so in the winter when we can't be outside working in the garden. It gets better in the spring and summer!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Sounds like you have some good plans for the future. Hope you can get some honeybees!


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